Currently we are offering Bitcoin as payment method only.

In order to give more people the ability to order our drugs we want to add new payment methods.

Please tell us which payment methods you would like us to add.



13 thoughts on “New payment methods (election)

    • Thanks, we added the following Giftcards to our payment methods:
      Gift Card Amazon
      Gift Card Steam
      Gift Card Playstation Store

      Unfortunately we cannot offer you PayPal because they are freezing accounts.

  1. How about amazonncredit card, hkw do i get a amazon gift card… can i really buy drugs and then have them delivered

    • You can get an amazon gift card at the gas station and many shops. Please ask the cashier.

      Exactly, you are ordering like in any other shop online and will receive the drugs delivered to your door.

    • Unfortunately we cannot accept creditcards because every payment gateway provider would cancel all payments because – you guessed it – we are selling illegal drugs. Also this wouldnt be anonymous but dangerous for our customers.

  2. what abut cashier cheques,
    or even better donation box tnat allows to donate to your order#

    or direct deposit a accojnt e tranfser very easy in canada

    etherium is going faster everday

  3. So Wal-Mart gift cards are still accepted then? And also about how long does the processing part take? Before its actually shipped.

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