We made some major changes to the payment methods we are accepting.

Walmart gift cards

Walmart gift cards now can only be used for orders worth more than $/€100.
We do not want to force you to buy more but there is a simple explanation to this:
– Low amount walmart gift cards take way more time to redeem, simply cause only a few exchangers accept low volume gift cards.
– Because there are just so few exchangers they can easily increase the fee for the exchange.
Of course we could still accept low volume gift cards, but you would have to pay about 60-70% fee which doesnt makes sense at all.

Western Union / MoneyGram / Ria

No, we still do not accept those directly. But we now created a detailed and illustrated guide how you can pay us with Western Union / MoneyGram / Ria. It takes just about 10 minutes more to do so.

You can find our Western Union / MoneyGram / Ria Guide right here.


Of course you are still welcome to pay safe with Bitcoin.


Are there any other payment methods you would like us to add? Please let us know by a comment below.

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