We are accepting Bitcoin and Gift cards.

You can buy Bitcoin with creditcard, cash, bankwire transfer, sepa, and much more.

  1. Go to (click) and create your personal wallet. Use a valid email address!
  2. Now you have to choose an exchanger. Each exchanger offers different payment methods: offers multiple payment methods and even cash to bitcoin accepts creditcards and bank wire transfer accepts creditcards and bank wire transfer (UK) accepts SEPA
    accepts SEPA lets you search for an ATM to buy bitcoin
    Some exchangers will ask for verification of your data.
    You can use your real identity because we are using a bitcoin mixing service.
  3. As soon as you bought your bitcoin you can send them from the exchanger to your blockchain wallet by clicking “request”,  and then copying the bitcoin address by clicking on “copy”.
  4. Now you can place your order in our shop.
    Select your products, enter your address information and select “Bitcoin” as payment.
    You now will see our bitcoin address (generated for every order) and the amount you have to send.

    Do not send the amount in $ or € !!!
    Copy and paste the amount (BTC) and bitcoin address shown in the order process into your blockchain wallet and click send.
    Once you have sent the Bitcoin your order is paid.


You also can also pay with gift cards.

We accept Amazon Gift Cards (+40% fee) and Walmart Gift Cards (+40% fee) which you can get at the gasstation.

Walmart Gift Card (+40% fee):

You can buy it physical in a store in the US or international on

Amazon Gift Card currently not accepted.

Amazon Gift Card (+40% fee):

Only US issued physical card with cash receipt accepted!
No Scan only Photo accepted!

You have to pay the gift card in cash, otherwise we wont accept it.
(No creditcard/bankwire transfer and so on!!!)

You will have to upload a photo to where we can see the gift card as well as the cash receipt.

Here is an example how your photo should look like: